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Who we are?

Motalas is a company dedicated to make shoes and accessories using Colombian handcrafts. The factory, located in Bogota, started operating in 2002; today the business is an extended family formed of Colombians who work closely with indigenous communities.

Motalas currently works with artisans from the region of Cucunuá in Cundinamarca, artisans of the Wayuu community, the Kuna indians of Uraba that elaborate molas and indigenous Zenúes styling accessories of caña flecha.

Our eyes

Motalas seen tillage Colombian indigenous and retains its essence. Its products convey the magic of crafts whose legacy has remained for generations in the ethnic communities of our country.

The objective is through Motalas share these brilliant craftsman stories that inspire a better world throughout its creative and authentic talent. In each art piece realities are reflected.

Motalas handmade products are unique pieces; it results in designs that represent the character of each individual.

What is a mola?

It is a colorful fabric handmade by Kuna Indians. Each of them can take weeks and even months in the making through a set of technical fabrics which are then cut and embroidered. The mola shares stories and legends; each figure, line and detail found in these mysterious fabric is a journey through time and imagination of these women.

It is a female tradition of a community located on the border between Colombia and Panama. They, Kuna women, use the mola to dress, then we reuse to create the magical series of unique and unrepeatable accessories. Each item of our collection takes in sewing the dreams of millions of natives and artisans of Colombia. Molas, in each design, share landscapes and realities of the most beautiful paradises of Colombia.



Punto de fábrica

Carrera 24G No. 26A - 11 Sur

Barrio Centenario

Bogotá - Colombia

Tel: +57(1) 694 2939

Cel: +57 311 215 9286


Puntos de venta

La Casona del Museo

Calle 16 No. 5 - 28 Local 21B

Tel: +57(1) 606 3798

Galería Artesanal de Colombia

Calle 16 No. 5 - 60 Local 7D

Tel: +57(1) 566 5530

Centro Artesanal Plaza Bolivar

Carrera 7 No. 12 - 54 Local 21S - 22A - 23A

Tel: +57(1) 282 5810


Ciudad de México

Bazar Los Mercaderes

Ignacio Allende 37

Centro de Coyoacán

Cel: +52 5510093931

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